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As numbers are predicted to continue falling, the LEA has been considering ways of resolving the problem. Although reducing the PANs of the three schools would help reduce the number of surplus places, it would not solve the problem completely. LEA officers say that exchanging the buildings of the two schools, and then reducing the PANs of the Junior and Infant schools as well would resolve the issue of declining numbers. reducing the number of surplus places to 78 and leaving room for any possible future growth and demographic change.

Historically the location of Penzance Junior School has always been a problem, with local people feeling that the school was built in the wrong place. As it primarily serves the Treneere Estate, moving the school to where St Mary’s currently is would be much more sensible and would mean it would be much closer to the centre of population and heart of the community. It would also make the Junior and Infant schools closer to each other.

However this is a radical proposal, and it is essential that everyone in the local community has the opportunity to have their say. Mrs Cooper stressed that this was an informal consultation, with proposals at a very early stage. Depending on the results of the consultation, the LEA may suggest a period of formal consultation which could take place during the early part of 2003. If the funding applications are successful, plans for the sand extraction site at Godrevy, part of the Hayle Gwithian Towans sand dune system, will include the creation of a mosaic of wetland and dune habitats to encourage more birdlife to the area.

A new Local Nature Reserve at the sand extraction site will be a very positive addition in the area. We are very proud of the work that our environmental officers carry out on the Towans and surrounding area and, equally, success in bringing together the expertise and enthusiasm of all those people who live, work in or care about this beautiful and distinctive area. The latest meeting of the partnership has over 30 people present and there is a huge amount of local interest and support for the proposals. click here to visit the website : Valuations VIC

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