How Valuation Principles Do Help To Generate Statements ?

The authority of the valuation process do provide principles so that the process of valuation could be easily understood by the people. The principles of the valuation procedure do make the easy in the adoption and running of it. Local governments should review their planning documents to determine if they discourage the inclusion of superior weather protection techniques Retrofits or renovations to buildings which have leaks may require a new wall assembly or exterior cladding.

When the client do hire the expert then they are provided the valuation statements. So the statements could be made in easy manner by the expert by taking the help of the Guide to home buyer surveys and costs principles. As a result, walls may need to become thicker, increasing GFA and lot coverage and reducing setbacks. Such changes may conflict with the zoning bylaw and, therefore, not be possible. Overlooking non-conformity, in either a new building or a retrofit is not an option for a local government.

When the clients are provided the statements then it do help to the make feel satisfy from the services of the hired expert for completion of the valuation process. At the very least, many municipalities will have to make procedural decisions to deal with retrofits: either comprehensively or through a series of site specific variances. Through the establishment of specific provisions in zoning bylaws, local governments may acknowledge the minor effects of retrofits on siting and coverage and establish parameters to universally vary those requirements.

Zoning options should focus on measurement of GFA with regards to: exterior walls, balconies, corridors and walkways Options to deal with height, setbacks and projections should also be reviewed. For documents (zoning bylaws and possibly official community plans) which define GFA as a measurement taken to the outermost portion of an exterior wall, the provision of a superior wall assembly – if thicker – would result in less available floor area for sale than a structure with a thinner wall assembly. Changes to the definition will have different effects, depending on choice, each with pros and cons (see figure 8).

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